среда, 3 октября 2012 г.

Test for reading.

A Sad Story
 An English tourist, who was staying at a hotel in Paris came to the hotel restaurant to have dinner. He could not speak French, but he did not want to show it to people. He sat down at a table. When the waiter came up to his table, the Englishman took the menu-card and pointed to the first line. The waiter nodded and walked away. Very soon he returned and put a plate of mushroom soup on the table. The Englishman was very pleased with himself. He ate the soup and, when the waiter came up to the table again, pointed to the fifth line on the menu-card. The waiter looked a little surprised, but did not say a word. He walked away and soon returned, bringing the Englishman a plate of fish soup. The Englishman did not want to show the waiter that he did not know French, so he ate the fish soup. Then he pointed to a line in the middle of the menu-card, hoping that he would get some second course at last. This time the waiter brought him a plate of chicken broth. In despair, the Englishman pointed to the last line on the menu-card. And the waiter brought him a package of tooth-picks!

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